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Post-baccalaureate Program

The purpose of this program is to assist a limited number of students who have a bachelor's degree but are not enrolled in a graduate program.

Note: This program is not to be confused with BYU Graduate Studies.

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are not enrolled in a graduate program are not normally admissible to BYU; however, the post-baccalaureate program is designed to allow this kind of student limited access to university resources. The program is usually only available during spring and summer terms (fall and winter resources on campus are reserved for undergraduate students and students who have been officially admitted into a graduate or undergraduate program). 

The purpose of this program is to assist a limited number of students who have a bachelor’s degree but are not enrolled in a graduate program. Reasons for attending as a post-baccalaureate student are many and varied; a common reason may be students looking for a few more classes to be eligible to apply for a master’s program. To be considered for admission to the post-baccalaureate studies program, students should apply online.

Applicants wishing to apply as post-baccalaureates must complete the explanation essay in the essay portion of the application. Applicants should give as much detail as possible regarding the length of time they plan to enroll, the specific coursework needed, and the reasons for specifically attending BYU. Applicants just looking to take a class for personal enrichment, who are pursuing a worthy hobby, or are simply satisfying intellectual curiosity should seek enrollment through continuing education options such as Evening ClassesSalt Lake Center, and Independent Study.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Transcripts documenting that a bachelor’s degree was received, as well as transcripts from all previously-attended institutions.


  • Post-baccalaureate applicants may not enroll as full-time students.
  • Graduate tuition rates apply (view rates).
  • This program is not intended to allow applicants to receive a second bachelor’s degree or minor.
  • Any specific questions about eligibility or the program should be discussed with an advisor. Please contact us at 801-422-4104 or through for more information.
  • BYU cannot provide a Form I-20 for international post-baccalaureate students; they must have another form of visa in order to be considered.