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Departing Missionary Checklist

Complete the items on this checklist as you prepare to embark on your mission. This will help you easily transition back to school when you return.

NOTE: Before going through this missionary checklist, review the COVID-19 Missionary FAQ for current recommendations.
COVID-19 Missionary FAQs

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Start or Update Your Mission Deferment Form

Required Action

Complete the online missionary deferment to defer both enrollment and academic scholarships without having to reapply to BYU.

Mission Deferment
More Info about Mission Deferment

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Set Up Guest Access

You should not share your login information with others. Guest Access allows you to give another person access to your BYU account. We will not discuss your account or records with your parent, spouse or another third party without Guest Access.

Guest Access
More Info about Guess Access

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Defer Financial Aid

Required Action

If you took out a federal student loan for school before your mission, you will go into repayment while on your mission. Please contact your lender directly to notify them of your plans and to ask about loan repayment options.

Federal Student Aid
More Info about Deferring Loans

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Defer Scholarships

By submitting your deferment, the fall/winter portions of your on-campus scholarships (except athletic scholarships) are deferred until you return. Check with your department for other awards.

You can defer off-campus scholarships (for missionaries only) as long as your donor approves.

More Info about Deferring Scholarships

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Review Your Student Account

Required Action

Before leaving on your mission, review your My Financial Center account and pay any outstanding charges. Have someone periodically check your balance on My Financial Center while you are serving to make sure no outstanding charges are put on your account after you leave. Past due balances 90 days or more may be sent to a collections agency while you are gone.

My Financial Center
More Info about Payments

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Cancel BYU Student Health Plan

Required Action

If you are on the student health plan, you must notify the Health Plan Business Office before you leave BYU. You are not eligible for the health plan while you are on your mission.

Cancel Health Plan

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Notify Your Housing Unit or Landlord

Make arrangements by either submitting a petition to on-campus housing or potentially selling your housing contract if you have one that conflicts with your mission call.

On-Campus Housing Petition

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Before leaving on your mission, you should determine which courses to register for when you return. You may want to meet with an advisor in your college advisement center for help in determining an appropriate schedule.

Advisement Centers

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On-Campus Employment Deferment Policies

If you are currently employed on-campus, please review BYU’s policies for deferring.

Student Employment

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Advisement For International Students

If you are an international student, you should meet with your International Student & Scholar Services counselor prior to leaving campus to ensure the proper handling of your SEVIS record.

International Student & Scholar Services, 1351 WSC, 801-422-2695

Call 802-422-2695