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Missy Mumford

Missy was born of goodly parents (and grandparents for that matter) in Sandy, UT. She was raised all over this great country with 6 brothers and a sister while her Dad served in the Army as a JAG lawyer. They settled in Clifton, Idaho after all that moving about, and that is what she calls, home. Missy loves milking cows and most things related to farming. She loves her farming heritage and is very proud of her family’s efforts to keep the farm running for over 100 years. Education is very important in her family. Missy earned a BS in Family Science and an MPA from BYU. All 7 of her siblings have completed undergraduate degrees and all have completed graduate and/or post-graduate degrees. Currently she has 40 niblings (you should ask her what that means). They are her pride and joy!

She loves music and you can pretty much guarantee she is listening to music whenever possible. Getting to know people is one of her passions. She loves culture and pretty much wants to know everyone on the planet. She LOVES food–Italian, American, Mexican, Sushi, Thai, Mediterranean…(you get the picture) as well as baking and cooking. She loves sports (especially BYU football and ReAl Salt Lake soccer) She has worked full-time at BYU since 1998 and counts it among her greatest blessings to associate with the good people in Enrollment Services. She currently works in Admission Services as the International Specialist, and for the past few years has been able to help in BYU’s Outreach efforts to high school students.