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Off-Campus Scholarships

An off-campus scholarship is a scholarship you receive from a granting organization other than BYU.

Wire Transfers

BYU can now accept wire transfers for scholarship funds.

In order to initiate a wire transfer, send an email to that includes:

  • Name of the student
  • Student ID
  • Semester the funds are for
  • Credit Requirement or GPA Requirement, if applicable

If an email is not sent, the funds will not be applied to the student’s account.

Once our office receives all the necessary information, you will be emailed the account information and instructions on how to complete the wire transfer. Identifying student information must be provided with the transfer. Funds that cannot be processed will not be held. 

Special Instructions due to COVID-19 Pandemic:

Processing and posting of all funds will have an indeterminate delay due to the current pandemic.

Checks should ONLY be made out to BYU. Do NOT include checks made out to the student, as students have been given the option to take all online classes and may not be on campus in the fall. Requiring a student signature on the check provides additional complications.

BYU cannot process funds for BYU-Idaho or BYU-Hawaii students. Funds received for these students are returned to the granting organization.

Voiding Funds

BYU applies funds to your account prior to them being cashed. Before your funds are voided, send an email to with the following information:

  • Check Number
  • Check Date
  • The address where the funds were sent
  • Date the funds were sent

It can take up to 3 weeks for BYU to receive a check in the mail, with additional time afterwards for processing. Check with BYU before voiding any funds, as voiding funds in the middle of the process will cause further delays for them to post to a student’s account.

How and When Will I Get My Money?

The scholarship granting organization generally sends the money directly to BYU. This is how they verify that you are, in fact, an enrolled student.

The average processing time is 2-3 weeks from the date the funds are mailed to BYU. To ensure timely processing of funds, please send funds at least one month prior to the start of the semester. Note that due to holidays, there may be additional delays in processing. Funds are processed on a first-come-first-serve-basis. Processing will not be expedited due to late receipt of the funds. The Financial Aid Office will not hold classes.

Students are notified via YMessage once funds have been received and processed. Due to a high volume of checks, any request made to the Financial Aid Office to verify your funds have arrived will not be granted.

Funds received without identifying student information are returned immediately to the granting organization.

Hand-delivered checks:

Hand-delivered checks are dropped off at the Enrollment Services windows by D-155 of the ASB. Enrollment Services will provide you with an envelope for you to fill out with the information needed to correctly apply the funds to your account. 

For Granting Organizations 

Please make a check payable to Brigham Young University (BYU). If the check is made payable to BYU and the student, the student will need to sign the back before the funds are put on the student’s account. Students must sign the check before the deadline sent to them via YMessage. The funds are returned to the granting organization if the student does not sign the check by the designated deadline.

In the Memo portion of the check or somewhere located with the documents that you are sending to BYU, please include the student’s name and preferably BYU ID # (you may ask the student for this information). If you do not have access to the student’s BYU ID #, please provide an alternate way to identify the student (such as date of birth). If you require a particular way of splitting the funds or have set credit/GPA requirements, please also include this in the additional documents with the check.

If your agency requires verification, proof of attendance, financial needs analysis, or a statement of charges, please complete a Verification Request. If you have any questions, email BYU Verifications at

If your agency requires an IRS W-9 form completed, please email Scholarship Processing:

Please mail all checks to:

BYU Off-Campus Scholarships
A-41 ASB
Provo, UT 84602

Wire Transfers

Identifying student information must be provided with the transfer. Funds that cannot be processed will not be held. Please notify BYU within 24 hours (but no sooner) that funds have been transferred. 

Off-Campus Scholarship Policies

Credit Hours and Payment Periods

Credit hour requirement for off-campus scholarships are automatically set at .5 credits (less than half-time) and will not require a maintained GPA unless the granting organization specifies otherwise.

Full-time is considered 12 credits for undergraduate and 9 credits for graduate students during fall/winter semester.

BYU Semesters/Terms

Fall August to December
Winter (many call Spring) January to April
Spring May to June
Summer June to August

Unless specified by the granting organization, funds will not be split and will be applied towards the current semester of enrollment (or the next period of enrollment if not currently enrolled). If you, or the granting agency, wishes otherwise, a written request is needed. Students should send a YMessage and the agency should send an email. Changes to an award may only be made once.


If no minimum GPA is specified by the donor, BYU will release funds for students regardless of their current GPA.


Off-Campus scholarships that have not already been designated to pay specific housing charges will be used strictly to pay the charges shown below:

  • Tuition
  • Class fees
  • International Studies program fees (for those attending a study abroad program)

Off-Campus scholarship funds that are left over after the above charges are paid are refunded to students beginning the third day of classes of each semester/term. Any other charges on the student account (i.e. housing, meal plan, textbooks, short-term loan, etc.) will remain unpaid and is the student’s responsibility to pay. 

Our office hopes to prevent confusion by giving you more control over how your Off-Campus scholarship funds are used.

Housing and Meal Plans

Off-campus funds can be applied toward housing and meal plans if specified at the time we receive the funds. You must include a letter stating that the funds are intended for housing and meal plans only. If the funds are intended to be used for winter semester housing and meal plans, that specification also needs to be included in the letter.


“These funds are intended to pay for Fall housing and meal plans at $4,750. Please apply the remaining $750 towards Fall tuition.”


“These funds are intended to pay for Fall housing and meal plans at $4,750. Please apply the remaining $750 towards winter housing and meal plans.”


If you withdraw, cease enrollment, or do not follow specific guidelines from the granting organization, our office will return funds to the granting organization within 90 days after the end of the current semester. Pending funds will not be held.


Funds are automatically deferred while you are on your mission unless the granting organization stipulates in a letter that funds are to be used during the current academic year/semester or that the funds are non-deferrable. We will hold the electronic funds until you return. If your granting organization has questions, please email

Cost of Attendance

For the university’s official Cost of Attendance, please see Cost of Attendance.

Promise to Pay

We do not accept Promise to Pay statements as placeholders for anticipated funds. Funds are not put on a student’s account until BYU receives the payment. 

Off-Campus Scholarships & Tax Deductions

Most Off-Campus Scholarships are NOT tax deductible to donors. Tax laws state that because the scholarship is being given to a specific student, it is not a charitable contribution (this prevents donors from overusing tax deductions.) If the donor wants to make a tax deductible donation they need to do so through the LDS Foundation; however, the money would not go to the specified student.

Independent Study/Continuing Education

You are welcome to use your non-BYU scholarship as reimbursement for previously paid for Independent Study or Continuing Education courses if you have approval from the scholarship granting organization. To transfer funds to Independent Study or Continuing Education, we must have a written statement of approval from your donor and a letter from you listing the courses you wish to take. Funds are not released until we verify Independent Study enrollment. Please note that we can only accept the amount for your course(s) and materials. Any funds in excess of your course fees and materials will be returned to the granting organization.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Your rehabilitation counselor should mail or fax us an authorization form to pay your tuition and any other charges they cover.

Please submit all authorizations to: or Fax 801-422-0235

We will post the forms in the order that we receive them while we are also processing scholarship funds. It is the student’s responsibility to have tuition paid by the tuition deadline. Please allow up to 5 to 6 weeks after the authorization was submitted to receive a request for payment.

If you are sending more than one authorization form for the semester, please indicate on the form when you are sending any new authorizations if it is replacement award, an addition to award, or a brand new award.

If your textbooks are covered, your counselor must send a separate authorization form to the Bookstore Customer Accounts Office at

Military Tuition Assistance

Utah National Guard State Tuition Assistance (STA)

Members of the Utah National Guard are eligible to apply for Utah National Guard State Tuition Assistance. Eligible members are required to apply each semester and are encouraged to apply as soon as they register for classes. Funding is typically not an issue, but due to changes in Federal Tuition Assistance, there has been an increase in the number of students using State Tuition Assistance. For more information about applying for STA or any other questions about the Utah National Guard, contact our on-campus representative:

SFC Bret W. Jackson

220 Daniel H. Wells (ROTC) Building



The BYU Army ROTC department offers two, three, and four year scholarships to students who are eligible. Scholarship winners enroll in ROTC classes and receive leadership training while pursuing a degree in the field of their choice. Scholarships awarded through ROTC pay either the full cost of tuition or room & board. Additionally, scholarship winners receive a tax-free $300-$500 monthly stipend for living expenses and a $600 book allowance each semester. Acceptance of an ROTC scholarship incurs an obligation to serve as an officer in the Active Army or Reserve Component (National Guard/Reserves).

For more information, visit or contact:

Mr. Jack Sturgeon

220 Wells ROTC Building

801- 422-7725   

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Please note that we abide by FERPA and may be limited in the amount of information that we will be able to provide to you, parents and granting organizations. 

Contact Us

To contact us with questions you may call Enrollment Services at 801- 422-4104, send a message via YMessage, or email us at