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Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to receive federal financial aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward graduation. SAP standards are not the same as BYU's academic requirements. It is possible that you are eligible to attend BYU but not eligible to receive federal financial aid. 

The SAP minimum standards apply to all periods of attendance, including semesters you did not receive federal financial aid. 

Component Requirements

  Minimum GPA (includes transfer credits) Maximum Timeframe Completion Percent (Pace)
Undergraduate Students 2.0 no more than 180 attempted credits (or 150% of program length) minimum 66.7% 
Graduate Students 3.0 (Law 2.7) no more than 150% of program length “Satisfactory” or “Marginal”
Post-baccalaureate (PBS) 2.0 no more than 45 credits minimum 66.7%


Listed below is the frequency in which each component is evaluated. If GPA and Pace requirements are met, you are eligible for federal financial for the following year (spring/summer/fall/winter) unless you exceed your attempted credits maximum.


  GPA Maximum Timeframe Completion Perfect (Pace)
Evaluated after winter semester before every semester or term to determine future eligibility after winter semester