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The Veterans and Military Services Office is the liaison between BYU and the VA. We are the support system for student veterans, dependents of veterans, guard members, and reservists who are BYU regular, degree-seeking students and who have applied for VA education benefits.

Apply for VA Enrollment Certification

Begin by completing the Veteran’s Enrollment Certification Request.

Certification Request Form

You must also submit the appropriate benefits form, along with any required documentation.

  • For veterans, documents include the member four copy of your DD-214
  • For reservists, documents include a copy of your DD-2384 Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) and kicker agreement, if applicable.


Apply for Benefits

Certification Policies

BYU will certify your enrollment to the VA for each semester/term it is requested. Only classes which meet general education and major requirements can be certified, with two exceptions:

  1. The last semester before graduation, all classes can be certified if at least one class satisfies a graduation requirement.
  2. VA will allow substitutions if they are approved by the college and documented in your VA file. 
Certification for Enrollment for Undergraduate Programs
VA Classification Fall or Winter Spring or Summer Term
Full-time 12 + credit hours 6+ credit