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To maintain safety and well-being we encourage remote contact by phone or YMessage.
When in-person help is necessary, follow all BYU COVID policies when visiting our offices.


Discontinuing is formally withdrawing from all classes in a semester or term. Learn the terms and consequences of discontinuance here.

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Discontinuance is defined as withdrawing from ALL classes for the current semester or term and means a student is no longer considered to be currently enrolled for that semester.

A Leave of Absence occurs when you do not register for any classes or drop all registered classes by the add/drop deadline of a semester or term (i.e., term 1, term 2, or semester-length). You cannot take a leave of absence the first semester you’re admitted. An undergraduate student cannot miss an entire academic year and continue at BYU without reapplying. As long as you attend (see deferring enrollment for more info) at least one semester or term within an academic year, you will maintain continuing status and registration eligibility for the next academic year.

Newly admitted students (new freshman, transfer, and former students) who take a leave of absence in the semester/term they were admitted will lose their admission status and will need to reapply to attend a future semester. Students should contact an Enrollment Services counselor in D-148 ASB about being readmitted.

For more information about discontinuance policies, please visit the academic catalog.