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Discontinuing is formally withdrawing from all classes in a semester or term. Learn the terms and consequences of discontinuance here.

Discontinuance is defined as withdrawing from ALL classes for the current semester or term and means a student is no longer considered to be currently enrolled for that semester.

Leave of Absence occurs when you do not register for any classes or drop all registered classes by the add/drop deadline of a semester or term (i.e., term 1, term 2, or semester-length). You cannot take a leave of absence the first semester you’re admitted. An undergraduate student cannot miss an entire academic year and continue at BYU without reapplying. As long as you attend (see deferring enrollment for more info) at least one semester or term within an academic year, you will maintain continuing status and registration eligibility for the next academic year.

Newly admitted students (new freshman, transfer, and former students) who take a leave of absence in the semester/term they were admitted will lose their admission status and will need to reapply to attend a future semester. Students should contact an Enrollment Services counselor in D-148 ASB about being readmitted.

For more information about discontinuance policies, please visit the academic catalog.

  • Before you discontinue, understand the differences between it and withdrawing. Visit our table of differences here.
    • For newly admitted students, if you drop all classes prior to the add/drop deadline in the first semester or term you are admitted this is considered a leave of absence and you will lose your admission status.
    • Continuing students must attend at least one term/semester during an academic year (i.e. Fall 2019 – Summer 2020) to maintain registration eligibility for the following year.  If you discontinue after the add/drop deadline, then the university will consider that as an attendance and you retain future eligibility. Read through the deferring enrollment page for more information. 
    • If you discontinue and then leave on a mission, you should meet with a BYU Enrollment Services Counselor to discuss the situation. You should also review the Missionary Checklist to make sure everything is in order at BYU before you leave.
    • International students are generally not allowed to withdraw below 12 credits during a semester. Contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office (801-422-2695) to make sure you are eligible to discontinue.
  • Tuition charges or refunds are pro-rated according to the date you discontinue and the percentage outlined by the Tuition Refund Chart. If you received scholarships or financial aid, you may be required to pay some or all of the aid back and may not personally receive a refund. If discontinuance causes you to become ineligible for the aid, you will be responsible for any pro-rated tuition charges according to the date of your withdrawal or discontinuance. See Financial Aid for more information.

    Tuition Refund Chart

    See the Tuition Refund chart here.

    If you have further questions, please contact an Enrollment Services Counselor 801-422-4104 or YMessage.
  • If you have extenuating circumstances, such as medical reasons, which cause you to drop all your classes you can fill out the Pro-Rated Tuition Exception form*. You must include any relevant documentation, such as a doctor’s note, with your petition. The committee rarely removes charges entirely, however they may reduce them.

    Approved petitions usually reduce the pro-rated tuition to 15% of the original tuition charged. If you are already being charged at this rate, it is likely that your pro-rated tuition will not be reduced further.

    Submit the form to Student Financial Services in A-153 ASB, or through YMessage.

    *If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, download the form first to enable interactive form features.
  • On-Campus Housing

    • To be eligible for on-campus housing as an undergraduate, you have to be registered in at least 9 credits per semester (fall and winter), and at least 4 credits per term (spring and summer).
    • Graduate students have to be enrolled in at least 2 credits per semester or term.
    If you discontinue or drop below the required credits, you will need to contact your hall advisor for information about canceling your contract.

    Visit the On-Campus Housing website for the official policy.

    Off-Campus Housing

    Discontinuing may affect your eligibility to live in BYU contracted housing. Contact the Off-Campus Housing Office (801-422-1513, C-141 ASB) to discuss your situation.
  • In order to work on campus during Fall and Winter, undergraduate students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits each semester. If you drop below the required credits, you are not eligible for student employment, and will be terminated. The minimum credit requirements for graduate students and international students are different.

    Contact Student Employment (801-422-3562) for additional information regarding employment eligibility.
  • If you are enrolled in the Student Health Plan, discontinuance could affect your eligibility to receive coverage. You may even end up having to pay private rates for past services received from the Health Center (depending on the timing of when you discontinue during the semester).

    It is important that you understand the consequences (if any) before you discontinue, so contact the Student Health Plan Office directly (801-422-2661) to find out more.