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Full Grade Table

What grades mean
A, B, C, D Passing Grades Calculated in GPA
W Withdraw from a class after the add/drop deadline but before the withdraw deadline. No effect on GPA
WE Petition to withdraw from a class after the withdraw deadline and the student is failing the class at that time. Calculated as a failing grade
UW Unofficially withdrew or stopped attending a class and did not officially withdraw (as of Fall Semester 2005, UW is no longer given). Calculated as a failing grade
P Indicates a passing grade. No effect on GPA
I Coursework is incomplete but has arranged on a contractual basis with the instructor to complete the work. No effect on GPA
IE The time period indicated on the contract for completing the incomplete grade has expired. Calculated as a failing grade
T Course work in progress and is only used in certain approved courses in which work may extend beyond the semester. No effect on GPA
NS The grade roll has not been submitted by the instructor. No effect on GPA