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Plan Courses Tab

This is where you can decide which course to take and the order to take them for your GE, major and minor requirements.

BYU MyMap - Plan Courses Tab Informational Video

Use this section to see your GE, major, and/or minor requirements and to plan which courses to fulfill each requirement. This is a helpful tool to plan your academic career. However, this is not the official progress report for graduation. Please review your progress report or the university catalog to see complete graduation requirements.


  1. Click on the Detailed Planning Mode to expand all requirement sections and see all possible options.
  2. Click the Plan button to select the courses you want to fill that requirement.
  3. To save custom notes about a planned course, click the paper icon next to the Plan button.
  4. To see the suggested order of classes for your major, select your major program from the Planning section on the left, then click “View Major Requirements (MAP)”.
  5. To see your Progress Report, or to explore other majors/minors, click the link in the Tools menu.