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New Undergraduate Progress Report

The Progress Report shows information about your progress toward your degree.

View Progress Report

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Accessing the Progress Report

Students can access their own progress report through MyMAP. Employees who need to access student progress reports for their work can request access at


Hours Analysis 

  • Progress bars showing the hours you’ve taken, are enrolled in, and still need to take
  • The percent of classes you have completed broken down by requirement       
  • Cumulative GPA, BYU GPA and Major GPA
  • Other non-hours-based requirements needed to graduate

By Program Requirements

These sections show you the status of your requirements, broken into:

  • GE
  • University Requirements (religion)
  • Major and minor (if applicable)

Each section will show you the following:

  • The status of the requirement (Completed, In Process, or blank for incomplete)
  • The course, credit hours, grade and semester for each class taken
  • Under GE and university requirements, the new progress report shows you courses that also count toward your major
  • Major requirements show all the possible courses that fill each requirement

By Class View

  • A historical view of the courses you have taken by semester
  • Details your grade earned and requirements filled for each course

Major/Minor Shop

  • Lets you see the hours analysis, program requirements, and by class view information for other majors/minors.
  • You can compare this information between your major and other majors you choose to shop

Non-Compatible Programs

  • We are not currently able to show hours analysis information for all majors and minors. 
  • If you are in a program that is only showing religion, non-required hours, and total hours, we are working with your program to make it work within this new progress report. Until then you can still benefit from the new details being provided in the other sections of the progress report.

BETA Release

  • This new progress report is being released in BETA mode until February 14, 2020.
  • Please provide feedback using the “Feedback” link in the upper right corner of the page, or at
  • After February 14, 2020 the old PDF progress report and the Planning Courses tab within MyMAP will be retired