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Register Tab

Learn about how to register for classes and registration status.


  1. The green (or red) sections at the top give you a quick glance if there is anything that might prevent registration.
  2. Click on the semester to jump down to future semesters. NOTE: The Unassigned section shows the classes you have planned but not assigned to take in a specific semester.
  3. See the date you can begin registering if you have registration eligibility (see number 4.)
  4. This shows your registration eligibility status.
  5. The new Booklist link takes you to your required textbooks for that semester.
  6. The Grade column will indicate if any grades in your current registration have been given. (E.g. audit, withdraw, etc.) See more about grades here. The Details column indicates specifics about a class like section type, lab, envelope, etc. Hover over the icon for details.
  7. Go here to see the classes you’ve planned for the semester.