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Registration Eligibility

Registration Eligibility and Status is displayed if you have been officially admitted to the university.
Status Possible Eligibilities Admissions Office*
No eligibility No current admission status
Eligibility for upcoming semester hasn’t been generated yet (For continuing students, eligibility and priority registration dates for the upcoming major semesters are generated at the beginning of February and October for Fall and Winter respectively.)

CES Admissions – Enrollment Services


Graduate Studies

9 – Continuing Student

DC – Day Continuing

DO – Day Semester Only (evening sections until 1st day)

SO – Semester Only

8 – New Freshman
7 – New Graduate Student
6 – Former w/ transfer credit
5 – Transfer w/ over 24 credits
4 – Former Student
1 – Transfer w/ less than 24 credits
V – Visiting Student (Spring/Summer) SO – Semester Only CES Admissions – Enrollment Services
2 – Concurrent Enrollment CH – Concurrent High School Student (evening sections until the 1st day)
3 – Continuing Education CE – Continuing Education only

SL – Salt Lake Center only

Evening Classes

Salt Lake Center

B – Bachelor of General Studies BG – Bachelor of General Studies (evening sections F/W, any section Sp/Sum) Bachelor of General Studies
A – Audit AO – Audit Only Evening Classes


*Contact offices only if you have no eligibility and need to be admitted or readmitted.