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To maintain safety and well-being we encourage remote contact by phone or YMessage.
When in-person help is necessary, follow all BYU COVID policies when visiting our offices.

Schedule Adjustments for Fall 2020

Information about the changes to Fall 2020 class registration.

President Worthen announced on June 23, 2020 plans for an in-person fall semester with class options that will accommodate safety guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Priority registration for fall semester began on July 6. You can register for classes in MyMAP. If you used the registration cart, you can see the classes you had previously saved to your cart by viewing your cart history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to for the most up-to-date information regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on Fall 2020.

Are the same classes going to be offered at the same times? Are there any classes that will no longer be offered this Fall?  

Every department has adjusted their class offerings to incorporate new instruction modes. Some classes may not be offered.  

Is there a way to see what I previously saved in my registration cart?  

You will not be able to register for the same class sections you had in your cart previous to May 29, 2020, but you can see the classes you had saved by viewing your cart history 

What should I do if the class(es) I need to graduate in December isn’t offered Fall semester?  

You should contact your advisement center to discuss your options and graduation plan. It would be best to contact them after the updated Fall class schedule is published.  

Will there be more sections of classes or less?  

The number of sections offered will be up to individual departments. 

If classes are offered in person, will class sizes be adjusted?   

Yes, in-person classes will have smaller class sizes to comply with safety guidelines.

Are a lot of classes still going to be offered online?  

There will still be online class offerings, but it is up to departments to determine which classes will have online sections and how many.