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Scholarship Petition Process

Steps to petition the scholarship credit requirement.

Exceptions to the credit requirement for BYU scholarships are sometimes granted based on individual needs. In making decisions, the committee considers extenuating circumstances such as serious illness, injury, or disability; death or serious illness in one’s own immediate family; and extensive family responsibilities such as those faced by a single parent with dependent children. Exceptions are not made because of marriage, difficulty of curriculum, employment, or graduate school tests.

The following items are needed for a scholarship petition:

  1. Describe your circumstances to the committee and make a specific, clear request in the personal statement.
  2. If you are petitioning based on medical circumstances, please have your doctor send us a letter verifying that your medical condition necessitates an exception to policy. We will also accept verification from the University Accessibility Center (UAC).

Information for scholarship petitions can be submitted in the following ways:

  1. Attach documentation directly to the scholarship petition (preferred).
  2. Email information to
  3. Fax information to (801) 422-0235 with cover sheet indicating the information is for a scholarship petition.