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    Enrollment Services Student Success

    We help you arrive, thrive, and graduate on time

    We admitted you to Brigham Young University because we believe you can be successful here. We will stand by you and support you during every step of your academic journey here, from registering for your first classes to applying for your final graduation.

    Free academic resources available to all students

    First-Year Peer Mentoring

    First-Year Peer Mentoring is designed to assist you as you transition into university life. Your mentor will be there to answer questions, point out resources, and talk about your overall BYU student success.

    Academic Support Office (ASO)

    Our advisors meet with students individually to identify academic challenges, improve learning strategies, and connect students with additional resources.

    T.A. Labs

    Most first year GE courses support students with TA labs where you can get individualized instruction and support.

    Research & Writing Center

    Free trained consultants help you with all of your writing and research assignments in all of your classes. Located on the main floor of the library

    BYU Tutoring

    Free tutoring on your specific classes by volunteer peer tutors who successfully completed the same class.

    Financial Fitness Center

    Stress about money can keep students from focusing on their academic work. Our Financial Fitness Center will help you put together a financial plan, explore funding options, and create a budget.

    Enrollment Services Counselors

    All students need help making it to graduation. Counselors in Enrollment Services offer personalized advisement regarding admission, financial aid, scholarships, registration, and student success.

    University Advisement

    Students struggle when they lack a clear academic outcome. Our advisors work with you personally to explore your interests, values, and skills related to majors and careers.

    Counseling and Psychological Services

    We have online tools that can help you with stress and anxiety immediately

    Accessibility Center
    Multicultural Student Services
    International Services
    Early Alert

    Predictive modeling based on campus-wide data to help us identify students at risk of academic challenges.