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Summer Bridge FAQs

This program is designed to help you succeed academically, experience the blessings of living and learning in a spiritual environment, build your character, and help you recognize how your education and current skills give you opportunities to build and serve. We would love to have you join us and bring all that you have to offer our community. We believe you will be benefited personally and grow in your capacity to impact those around you for good.
  • To be considered for admission fill out the one-minute application by April 15th, 2023.

  • If you are admitted to the Summer Bridge program, we encourage you to live in the on-campus housing that will be available for participants. However, you may opt to live off campus in BYU contracted housing. 

    • Must be able to attend summer term 2023 (June 26 – August 14, 2023)*
    • Enroll in the 6-credit envelope of classes 
      • WRTG 150: Writing & Rhetoric (3.0 credits) 
      • First Year Foundations (3.0 credits) 
    • Complete and submit the FAFSA 
    • Attend the free, overnight retreat

    *See the mission deferment option below.

  • Yes. Participants in the program are required to take the following classes as an “envelope” or group of classes:

    • WRTG 150: Writing & Rhetoric (3.0 credits) 
    • First Year Foundations (3.0 credits) 
  • This is a new university general education course that is designed to help students successfully transition to the university.

  • You will not be permitted to take additional courses during the Summer Bridge Program. The required courses will give you full-time student status.

  • Notifications will be sent by May 1, 2023.

  • You can apply for both, but you may only participate in one. We want as many students as possible to have the opportunity to attend one of these programs.

  • Yes, you can defer your Summer Bridge participation for when you return from your mission. However, in order to participate and receive the scholarship after your mission, your first enrollment at BYU must be for the summer term immediately following your mission.