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Pay tuition on time each semester. There are options to pay tuition online or in person

Tuition Deadlines

Tuition is due seven calendar days before the first day of class. Pay on time or a hold will be placed on your account, and your classes may be dropped. Make sure you understand all the tuition deadlines.

  • Tuition deadline is 7 calendar days before classes begin

    • If you do not pay tuition by the deadline, a hold will be placed on your registration until you pay
  • Final tuition deadline is the semester or term add/drop deadline

    • If you do not pay tuition by the add/drop deadline, your classes may be dropped. (If you decide to not attend a semester it is your responsibility to drop all your classes; to prevent error, make sure you drop your classes on MyMAP by the add/drop deadline.)





Note about Repeated Classes:
Federal regulations say that Pell Grants and Direct Loans cannot cover courses that are being repeated more than twice. If you repeat a course for at least a third time, a separate “Repeat Tuition” charge will appear on My Financial Center so federal aid won’t pay that tuition charge. In either case, students are not charged a greater amount of tuition for repeating a class.

Petition to Reinstate Classes

If your classes were dropped because you were unable to pay tuition by the deadline, you can petition to restore your classes by meeting with an Enrollment Services Counselor.

Before a petition can be started, you need to prepay your tuition on My Financial Center. You might consider an emergency short-term loan to help you out in this situation. Contact Enrollment Services about paying your tuition and setting up an appointment to petition to reinstate your classes with a counselor.

Enrollment Services
D-148 ASB

You will be notified of the status of your petition in YMessage.