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Early Alert System

We want every student to thrive at BYU!

Using sophisticated analytic modeling, we can often identify students who are struggling academically. When our model predicts that a student is experiencing an academic challenge, we can send a message to the student to remind them about resources on campus that can help them with their specific classes. We can also alert an advisor or a First Year Mentor who has an established relationship with the student so that they can provide the student even more personalized support.

If you get a message from BYU Early Alert, a mentor or an advisor, we want you to understand:

  1. Most students struggle academically at some time. BYU is a rigorous environment and can be very challenging. Most students need outside help to make it to graduation.
  2. You can overcome your current challenges. Resources are available to help you; you are not on your own! Reach out to your instructor, meet with a mentor or advisor, sign up for tutoring, or visit a TA lab. Use the resources listed on the Campus Resources tab of You are important to us, and we want to help you succeed.
  3. Your data privacy has not been compromised by our predictive model. Our algorithms are created from the statistical modeling of hundreds of variables across multiple years. All of the data is securely stored and calculated on BYU servers. The only output from the model is a risk score that indicates whether you are at high, medium, or low risk of earning below a 2.0 GPA for the semester. Nobody but you and your instructors know your current grades.

You can learn more about the Early Alert System on the FAQs page.