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To maintain safety and well-being we encourage remote contact by phone or YMessage.
When in-person help is necessary, follow all BYU COVID policies when visiting our offices.

Leave of Absence

Leave of absence can be used in case you are unable to attend a fall or winter semester. (If you need to drop all your classes during the middle of a semester you must complete a Discontinuance Form.)

Read the Leave of Absence Policy Required Action

Be sure to review the Leave of Absence policy so you don’t run into any problems when you return. This will help ensure you are eligible and return at the right time so you do not need to reapply to BYU.

Read Policy

Check your Eligibility Required Action

You have to be a BYU day-time eligible student [DC-Day Continuing]. Check your registration eligibility on the ‘Register’ tab in MyMAP.

Check your Registration Eligibility

Check Special Restrictions

Newly admitted students, international students, and students going on mission deferment have particular rules and timing with taking a leave of absence. Failure to follow the leave of absence policies could result in having to reapply to the university.

Check Restrictions

Prepare for Registration Required Action

If you attend at least one semester or term within an academic year (fall semester through summer term), you will maintain continuing status and registration eligibility for the next academic year. If the system will not let you register, it could be because you need a new ecclesiastical endorsement, you have a hold on your account, or you missed more than one major semester.

If you attend another school during your leave of absence, remember to send an updated transcript to BYU so your credits can be applied to your BYU record. If you do not attend another school, your academic status will remain the same as it was when you took your leave of absence.

Check MyMAP

Apply for Scholarships

The university scholarship application deadline for spring/summer and fall/winter scholarships is February 1 regardless of BYU attendance. If you do not want to miss out on scholarships for when you return from your leave of absence, then you need to submit the scholarship application by February 1.

Apply for Scholarships

Stay Connected Required Action

During your leave of absence, it is a good idea to stay connected by regularly checking My Financial Center and YMessage where important messages specific to you will be posted. You are ultimately responsible for reading your messages and taking action when necessary, even during your leave of absence.


My Financial Center

Repay Financial Loans Required Action

Student loans have a repayment grace period of six months beginning on the date the borrower drops below half-time enrollment. If your leave of absence extends beyond six months (i.e. winter semester and spring term), your grace period ends and you will go into loan repayment.

The minimum credit hours required to prevent loan repayment:
-Fall/Winter: 6 credits (undergraduate), 4.5 credits (graduate)
-Spring/Summer: 3 credits (undergraduate), 2.5 credits (graduate)

The Federal Student Aid website provides information about loan repayment.

More Info about Loan Repayment
Federal Student Aid Loan Repayment

Review Internship Processes

If you are doing an internship and will be registered for an internship course in your major, it does not count as a Leave of Absence. Reviewing the internship process will ensure you take the proper steps.

Note: If your internship is not connected to a BYU internship course, and you will not be registered for any other BYU credits, it will count as a Leave of Absence.

Internship Process

Review Student Employment Policies

You are not eligible for student employment during the time you take a leave of absence.

Student Employment Policies

Returning to Compliance

Academically suspended and dismissed students, and honor code suspended and dismissed students, should consult with the appropriate office.

Academic Support Office Contact Information
Honor Code Contact Information

Military Service Leave

BYU does not have a military service deferment. If you are required to leave BYU for military service and will miss an entire academic year (fall semester through summer term), contact Enrollment Services at 801-422-4104 to discuss your options before you leave.

If you are required to drop all your classes during a semester, you will want to contact Enrollment Services to make appropriate arrangements.