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Academic Resources

BYU wants to see you succeed! There are many resources on campus that are designed to give you the knowledge, tools, support, and skills to excel academically.

  • The Academic Support Office (ASO) is a great resource for those who have been on academic warning to make plans to be successful!

  • There are College Advisement Centers across campus where you can meet with an advisor specialized in your major.

  • First-Year Mentoring is designed to help first-year students (whether new freshman or transfer students) get the hang of all things BYU including academics.

  • You can gain a variety of experiences in the Honors Program including learning from professors, taking fun courses, and gaining valuable leadership experiences.

  • International Student and Scholar Services can help international students who need more information about their unique circumstances.

  • Learn Anywhere gives you the tools to help you succeed whether you're on campus or remote.

  • Multicultural Student Services is there to help multicultural students with many of the questions they may have at BYU including how to succeed academically and prepare for a career.

    • The Research & Writing Center assists you with the research and writing process.

    • Student Development Classes are great electives for you if you’re wanting additional information on or help with studying, career exploration, etc.

    • Teaching Assistants (TAs) are there to help you succeed by giving you individual instruction to gain a better understanding of the course material. Click here for more information.

    • Watch fun, instructional videos that can help you learn how to better read and understand textbooks, take efficient notes in class, perform well on exams, and more!

    • Check out this handout for tips on how to make sure you're on track for graduation from BYU in a timely manner.

    • BYUSA has a free tutoring program for all students. Learn from a peer who recently took the class and received a B or better. Click here for more information.

    • The University Accessibility Center is a great resource for students who may need extra accommodations to succeed academically including interpreters, note takers, extra time on tests, etc.

      • The University Advisement Center can help you learn about your academic and career options if you have not yet picked a major.