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Satisfactory Academic Progress

There are minimum SAP standards you must meet in order to receive federal financial aid.

In order to receive federal financial aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward graduation. SAP standards are not the same as BYU’s academic requirements. It is possible that you are eligible to attend BYU but not eligible to receive federal financial aid. The SAP minimum standards apply to all periods of attendance, including semesters you did not receive federal financial aid.

Each component of SAP is evaluated before the start of fall, winter, and spring/summer semesters. If each component is met at the semester evaluation, you are eligible for federal financial aid.

To view your SAP status, log into your My Aid Dashboard.

Component Requirements

Minimum Cumulative GPA
Maximum Attempted Hours
Completion Percent (Pace)
Undergraduate Students2.00no more than 150% of program length (typically 180 attempted credits)
minimum 66.67%
Graduate Students3.00 (Law 2.70)no more than 150% of program length“Satisfactory” or “Marginal”
Post-baccalaureate (PBS)2.00no more than 45 creditsminimum 66.67%

Cumulative GPA includes all graded hours, including transfer credits. Transfer grades that are Es do not count in the SAP Cumulative GPA calculation.

Attempted hours also include foreign language/exam credits, transfer and AP/IB credits that count toward BYU graduation requirements, credits repeated for the third time, and E,I, IE, UW, W, WE, P, NS or T grades.

Completion Percent/Pace is calculated by dividing the total number of earned or passing credits by the total number of attempted credits.

Warning Semester

You are granted a one-semester Warning period if you initially fail to meet GPA or Completion Percent requirements at a semester SAP evaluation. You are eligible to receive federal financial aid during the Warning semester. If you meet all SAP requirements at the end of the Warning semester, you may continue to receive federal aid.

Federal Aid Ineligibility

You are ineligible for federal financial aid if:

  • You do not meet GPA or Completion Percent requirements after a Warning semester
  • You have reached your Maximum Attempted Hours

You can regain eligibility if you meet the GPA or Completion Percent requirements in a future semester check. You cannot regain eligibility once you reach your Maximum Attempted Hours.

If you have an extenuating circumstance that impacted your SAP, contact Enrollment Services to schedule an appointment with an Enrollment Services Counselor.