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Cost of Attendance (COA)

Every college is required to have an official Cost of Attendance (COA). The COA for the academic year is used to calculate eligibility for federal grant and loan programs.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) reflected below is used to calculate federal financial aid eligibility and reflects the average costs for an individual student, living either on- or off-campus, to attend BYU full time for Fall and Winter semesters combined (Fall, Winter, and Spring combined for EMBA program). The total COA is adjusted down as one's enrollment level drops below full time. This estimated Cost of Attendance assigned to students who apply for federal financial aid includes the following components: tuition, books and supplies, housing and food, transportation, personal expenses, and loan fees if you borrow federal loans. The tuition component of the COA is split between Latter-day Saint tuition and non-Latter-day Saint tuition to account for the difference in charges.

Your actual costs to attend BYU may vary depending on the different choices you make for housing and food, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. The BYU Financial Fitness Center offers tips on how to manage your finances while in school. BYU also offers employment opportunities for students. Many students find that they are able to pay for school through different combinations of employment, family assistance, savings, and financial aid.

Federal Pell Grants, in combination with scholarships, can be awarded up to and beyond your COA. Student loans cannot exceed your COA.

2024-2025 Cost of Attendance

This chart reflects only the full-time enrollment costs for a student without dependents living on- or off-campus

Two Semesters (3 EMBA Semesters)
Latter-day Saint Tuition
Non-Latter-day Saint Tuition
Food and Housing





Books and Supplies
Personal Expenses
Loan Fees**
Latter-day Saint Total





Non-Latter-day Saint Total






*Additional amount may be added for students living on-campus with children.
** Loan fees are only included in the Cost of Attendance if the student has an accepted federal loan for the year.
† Amount derived from approximately 3 EMBA tuition payments within the academic year. Books are included in the tuition cost, and the amount listed in the Books section represents supplies only.
‡ First year Marriott/Law students have an additional $1500 added to the total COA as an allowance for computer purchase

If you are in the last semester of your program and you're required to take an occupationally-required licensure exam, your Cost of Attendance will be increased for the cost of the exam if you pay for or take it while you are still enrolled in your program.

Full Cost of Attendance breakdown

For help with financial planning and how to pay for school, visit our Financial Fitness website.