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Loan Repayment

Learn about repayment for your student loans.

Repaying Federal Direct Loans

Once a loan is disbursed, the government assigns your loan to a loan servicer to manage repayment. You and/or your parents can identify your specific loan servicer by logging in to using your FSA ID. Any specific questions you have about repayment can be referred to your loan servicer. Additional information about loan repayment is also available.

If you took out a loan before going on a mission, your loan will go into repayment. Additional information about departing missionaries is available, or you can refer to the Departing Missionary Checklist.

Repaying BYU Long-term Loans

BYU contracts with a third party called Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) to service all of its long-term loans. You can find more information about repaying long-term BYU loans through BYU Financial Services.

Financial Planning

BYU offers a personalized financial planning service through its Financial Fitness Center. To develop a plan for the repayment of your student loans, you may schedule an appointment or call 801-422-7355 for assistance.

Loan Default Rate

BYU is required to publish the institution’s loan Cohort Default Rate (CDR) for federal loans. The current institutional default rate is 0.2%