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To maintain safety and well-being we encourage remote contact by phone or YMessage.
When in-person help is necessary, follow all BYU COVID policies when visiting our offices.

Parent of a Missionary

Your student may need help getting BYU tasks done while they are serving as a missionary. Each task explains how you can assist them.

NOTE: Help your student by first reviewing the COVID-19 Missionary FAQ for current recommendations. If they have returned earlier than anticipated from missionary service, this FAQ will help them update their BYU deferment form.

COVID-19 Missionary FAQs

Guest Access: Act on Behalf of your Student

Because of student privacy laws, you need to be given permission to talk to BYU about your student’s account or access their account online. Your student can give you permission through This is also the portal you will use to access your student’s online account.

Guest Access

More Info about Guest Access

Ecclesiastical Endorsement Required Action

Returning missionaries must have an updated ecclesiastical endorsement before registering for classes. Your student needs to initiate the ecclesiastical endorsement process for their mission president to complete. The earliest they can begin the endorsement process is nine months before they return to BYU. (On the online form, select Student, Missionary/Other, then Currently Serving.)

Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Creating a Class Schedule

Your student can register for either General Education and religion classes, or classes for their major. Look at their Major Academic Plan (MAP) to see (1) which courses are suggested or required, and (2) what order is recommended for those courses. Consult with an academic advisor for specific guidance.

MyMAP through Guest Access

More Info about Academic Advisement

Register for Classes Required Action

Your student will be assigned a priority registration date. That is the date when they can begin registering for classes. Find their priority registration date on MyMAP, under the Registration tab.

MyMAP through Guest Access

More Info about Registration


If your student deferred any scholarships from before their mission, the scholarship money will apply to their student account automatically if they register for the minimum required credit hours.

Returning missionaries can apply for scholarships. They must submit the online scholarship application by the appropriate deadline to be considered for academic, need-based, and private scholarships.

Apply for Scholarships

More Info about Applying for Scholarships

Financial Aid

If your student is interested in applying for federal financial aid (Pell grants and loans) for the semester they return they will need to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

If your student had a loan before their mission please read more about repayment plans. Working with lenders is important so your student does not go into default on their student loan.


More Info about Loan Repayment

Housing for Returned Missionaries Required Action

Single undergraduate students are required to live either in on-campus housing or in BYU contracted off-campus housing.

On-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Obtain a TB Test

If your student’s missionary service was outside of the United States or Canada, for six months or more, Utah state law requires them to have a tuberculosis skin test. They must comply by the first day of classes, or a TB hold will be placed on their record. International students must also comply or their student visa status may be terminated. For questions or scheduling an appointment with the Student Health Center, please call 801-422-5134 or 801-422-7711.

Obtain a TB Test

Student Health Plan Required Action

Students enrolled in at least 9 semester credits/4.5 term credits are required to have health insurance coverage year-round. Students are automatically enrolled in BYU’s student health plan one week before classes start if private insurance has not been reported. However, if your student has their own health insurance they will need to waive the health plan online to avoid paying for the BYU Student Health Plan.

New students will have access to waive the plan approximately 1 month prior to classes starting. The deadline to waive the BYU Student Health Plan is the semester add/drop deadline.

Enroll In or Waive Student Health Plan

Update Personal Information Required Action

Once your student has returned from their mission they should update their personal information online. This will help ensure they are receiving emails and notifications again from BYU.

Update Personal Information