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Departing Missionary Info

We want to help you prepare to embark on your mission knowing that you can easily transition back to school when you return.

Use the Departing Missionary Checklist if you are preparing to defer, or see the Returning Missionary Checklist for information about coming back to BYU after your mission.


BYU students who want to defer their enrollment while serving a mission must complete the online missionary deferment. To defer both enrollment and scholarships without having to re-apply, you will need to keep in mind the following:

  • You must first be admitted to BYU as a degree-seeking student. To avoid the difficulty of applying to BYU while on a mission, we encourage you to apply before serving.
  • The deferment must be submitted after you receive a mission call, but before the end of the semester in which you are due to enroll. This applies to all students, both newly admitted and those that have continuing status.
  • If you were admitted for spring or summer term, you have until the end of fall semester to submit the deferment.
  • Students on academic suspension or dismissal are unable to defer.
  • You may take a leave of absence directly before deferring. Following your mission, you must enroll at BYU within a given time period. See the Leave of Absence Checklist for more information and possible restrictions.
Return from Mission Enroll No Later Than
October – April Fall Semester
May – September Winter Semester


Submitting a deferment blocks eligibility to register for classes. Please note:

  • If you plan to defer during a semester, you should not register for any classes for that semester or term. If you attempt to defer, the system will stop you until your classes have been dropped. You will need to contact BYU Admissions if you wish to defer without dropping your classes.
  • If you plan to complete a semester or term prior to leaving on your mission, you must finalize your registration before submitting the deferment.