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Mission Deferments for Scholarships

Deferring admission and scholarships is done in one easy step.

You may defer fall/winter scholarships to serve an LDS mission. Spring/summer scholarships are non-deferrable.

A leave of absence may be taken directly prior to a missionary deferment. Following your mission, you must enroll at BYU within a designated time period, as noted in the Missionary Deferment policy. Fall/winter scholarships awarded to you before you depart will be deferred during this time period. Spring/summer scholarships may not be deferred for any reason.

The balance of your scholarship will be available beginning the semester you return to BYU. If your scholarship is awarded as a percentage of tuition, its value will be increased in proportion to the cost of tuition.

By completing the scholarship application or the missionary deferment form, you authorize the university to disclose the following information to scholarship donors (including the family or estate representative of deceased donors) and/or university agents for scholarship consideration, awarding purposes, communicating award decisions, and donor relation functions:

  • Information in the scholarship application, including your name, academic major, and hometown
  • The name of any award you have received and the amount of the award
  • Academic indicators
  • Demographic and other personal data, including the information accessible through Personal Information in MyBYU
  • Financial data from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), if provided
  • Other information required for specific scholarship considerations