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Returning Missionary

We want you to prepare to embark on your mission knowing that you can easily transition back to school. This checklist will help you know what to do next.

Use the Returning Missionary Checklist for the full details of returning to BYU after your mission. If you are getting ready to serve, please see the Departing Missionary Checklist.

It is necessary to enroll within a certain amount of time after returning from the mission (see chart below). Failure to enroll by the appropriate semester may result in the student having to reapply for admission. Please note that it is not possible to take a leave of absence directly after a mission.

Return from MissionEnroll No Later Than
October – AprilFall Semester
May – SeptemberWinter Semester

International students on deferment will need to submit financial verification and the International Student Deposit a few months before the returning semester. There will be registration holds put on the account until these requirements are complete.