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Cool Apps

Are you always on the go and looking for ways to save money? We've found some great money management and saving apps that you'll just love. App

The App notifies you when there are great deals around you and online! It even allows you to "clip" the coupon directly onto your store loyalty card so that the coupon automatically registers at checkout. It's a quick and easy way to save at your favorite shopping locations!

Clark Howard On Demand

This app gives you access to podcasts by financial expert Clark Howard; it also gives you access to many helpful money management articles and tips. On top of it all, this app provides shopping and consumer guides on the go so that you're aware of all the discounts around you and online today.


This app finds local student discounts and notifies you of them! Sometimes it just pays to be in school.


Tire of having to manually record everything you spend? This app keeps track of your budget and spending habits for you! It even notifies you if you're about to go over budget in a category so you can adjust your spending accordingly. Budgeting has never been easier!

You Need a Budget

This app does much more than just state the obvious. YNAB teaches you real budgeting principles and allows you to easily and efficiently manage your money wherever you are. It's great for budgeting on-the-go!

Fastweb Scholarships

With Fastweb Scholarships, you can use a convenient scholarship search engine to find a plethora of scholarships appropriate for your situation! Before you search and apply, make sure you click here to familiarize yourself with Fastweb's tips to avoid scholarship scams.

Retail Me Not

Are you craving that food at your favorite restaurant but just don't have the budget for it this month? What about that expensive clothing that caught your eye the other day? Then this app is for you! Retail Me Not allows you to find local and online deals at your favorite stores and restaurants and even offers coupons that help you save even more at checkout. Never go over budget again at your favorite places!

Snip Snap

Are you tired of having to clip or print coupons? This app "magically" allows you to convert any print coupon into a mobile coupon with a fully functional barcode! It also allows you to search the largest worldwide database of printed coupons so you don't even have to dig through all your old newspapers yourself. Save money, paper, and time with this app!


Groupon allows you to find huge discounts on vacations, fun activities, and shopping. You simply search the location you're hoping to visit and make your purchase on your mobile device! The details of the purchase are on each coupon, but usually all you have to do is present it at the checkout of the coupon's provider.


When you go shopping for groceries, do you always leave with more than you originally planned? Grocery IQ can help you avoid impulse shopping by helping you keep track of exactly what you plan on buying that day. It also has its own database of coupons that can help you save even more on the stuff you actually plan to purchase.

DISCLAIMER: This article does not reflect the opinions of BYU or any of its associates. The Financial Fitness Center does not promote any application or organization. The purpose of this article is simply to provide helpful information. Please budget responsibly and use extreme caution in giving out any personal information.