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Ineligible Classes for Federal Aid

There are some class types that are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Some classes are not eligible for federal financial aid. Make sure to carefully review your financial aid and your class list to see if your aid is being affected by an ineligible class.

Audited classes

Audited classes are not eligible for financial aid. If you choose to take the class for a grade instead of for audit, you will need to add the class before the add/drop deadline for it to be eligible for Pell Grant.

Repeated Coursework

The first and second time you enroll in a course, the associated credit hours are counted toward federal aid eligibility (assuming you are otherwise eligible). However, if a course is taken a third time, it is ineligible for federal aid payment. This is true regardless of whether or not you received federal aid the first and/or second time you enrolled in the course.

The repeat policy also applies if you withdraw from the class after the semester add/drop deadline, earn a grade in the class (A,B,C,D,E) or do not earn a grade (NS, I). The repeat policy does not apply to courses listed with an R-suffix (e.g. STDEV 214R).

Classes added after the add/drop deadline 

Classes added after the add/drop deadline, including internship credits, usually do not count towards your Pell Grant, but they can count towards the minimum number of credits needed for a federal loan.

Independent Study

Classes taken through the BYU Independent Study program are not eligible for federal aid. Online sections of classes offered through regular MyMAP registration can count as a financial-aid eligible class, as long as they meet all aid-eligible requirements listed above.

Bachelor’s of General Studies (BGS)

The BGS program is not eligible for federal aid. You can apply for financial assistance through BGS.

Salt Lake Center

To be eligible for federal financial aid you must be formally admitted to BYU (not just the Salt Lake Center). You may take classes at both BYU and the Salt Lake Center and combine these hours for aid purposes.

Flex GE

Flex GE students are not eligible for university scholarships or federal financial aid at BYU. You must be admitted to and enrolled in a degree-seeking program.