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Financial Aid & Study Abroad Programs

Going on a study abroad is an amazing opportunity, but it often requires significant financial planning to be able to afford. Make sure you are using all financial aid options available! Check out our FAQs below!

  • Yes, you can receive Pell Grant funds during the spring and/or summer terms which you could use to pay for some study abroad costs, if you meet eligibility requirements and register for the appropriate number of credits. Most students are required to enroll in 6+ credits during spring/summer to receive Pell Grant funds. Your enrollment during the fall and winter semesters may affect your Pell Grant eligibility for spring/summer terms. For more information on spring/summer financial aid, visit here.

  • Yes, you can take out loans to help pay for your study abroad. We encourage you to borrow any needed loan funds during winter semester, since many of the charges are due prior to leaving on your study abroad program. This will also reduce the likelihood that there are issues with your eligibility while you are abroad. However, if you are not eligible for loans during winter semester, you can still potentially receive loans during the spring and/or summer terms, as long as you are enrolled in 6 total credits during those terms and meet all other eligibility criteria.

  • During winter semester, if you have remaining federal loan eligibility and you are enrolled in 6 credits, send a YMessage to request the loan funds. If you are not eligible to receive loan funds during winter, when you enroll in at least 6 credits for spring/summer you will be offered your remaining loan eligibility automatically. If you do not see the loan offer or if you have additional questions, please send in a YMessage, chat with us, or call 801-422-4104 to speak with an Enrollment Services Counselor.

    If you are not eligible for federal financial aid including loans and all scholarship options have been exhausted, another option is alternative/private loans. You can research these loans on our website.

  • In most cases, the Cost of Attendance allowance is high enough to cover study abroad costs. However, if you have additional financial need after receiving your full eligibility, we may be able to increase your Cost of Attendance or adjust your loan to include winter and spring/summer terms to cover your needed costs. Please contact an Enrollment Services Counselor at 801-422-4104 to discuss your options.

  • Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria and complete the appropriate steps to have it applied. Please see the details here.

  • Yes, you may be able to use scholarship funds if you meet all eligibility criteria and enroll in the minimum number of credits required for the scholarship(s). The eligibility requirements may differ between BYU scholarships and off-campus scholarships. For more information about off-campus scholarship opportunities, visit here.

  • We understand that life happens, and you may be waiting for financial aid or other payment arrangements to pay study abroad charges! If you have past-due charges on your My Financial Center, a registration hold will be placed on your account. If you need the hold lifted to register for classes, please contact International Study Programs' financial assistants by emailing or calling 801-422-6690. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive a response.

  • For any questions or needed assistance, please contact Enrollment Services. We are happy to help!