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Dropping or Withdrawing Classes

Know what will happen to your financial aid/scholarships before you drop or withdraw from a class

Your financial aid and scholarships may be affected by changes in your class schedule. Look through the scenarios below and visit your My Aid Dashboard and Scholarship Summary to review your financial aid before making a decision. Keep in mind that your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may be affected as well.

Spring and Summer Classes

If you receive a Pell Grant for spring and/or summer terms, dropping your classes may result in having to pay back Pell Grant money, depending on the timing. If you drop all of your summer classes before the end of spring term, you will pay back all of your summer Pell. If you drop all of your summer classes after spring term ends, you may need to pay back all of your summer Pell AND some of your spring Pell as well. Contact Enrollment Services to schedule an appointment with an Enrollment Services Counselor for assistance in determining the consequences of dropping and withdrawing from spring and summer courses.


General BYU academic and need-based scholarships require you to be enrolled in at least 12 credits. Falling below 12 credits can result in the loss of your scholarship for the semester. You have the option to complete a Final Enrollment Contract for the last semester before graduation.

Off-campus scholarships and departmental scholarships have varying minimum credit hour requirements. Review the credit hour requirement for your scholarship in your Scholarship Summary.

Federal Pell Grants

Your Federal Pell Grant is granted based on your Pell Credit Eligibility.

All Pell-eligible classes must be added by the semester add/drop deadline to be counted towards the total credit hours that determine the Federal Pell Grant amount for that semester. If you add any class after the add/drop deadline (including a term class), that class may not count towards your total number of credits used to calculate your Pell Grant eligibility.

If you withdraw from a class after the add/drop deadline, the Financial Aid Office will review your account and look for proof of attendance. You will not have to be involved in that process. If it cannot be determined that you attended the class, then you may be required to pay back some, or all, of your Pell Grant. Withdrawing from all classes in a semester/term, even if there is proof of attendance, may result in a reduction of your Pell Grant.

Federal Loans

You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours for the semester at the time your loan is disbursed. If you drop or withdraw below six credit hours after disbursement but still are enrolled in at least one aid-eligible class, your loan would not be reduced. Dropping or withdrawing from all classes at any point in time in the semester/term, even if there is proof of attendance, may result in a reduction of your federal loans.