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Evaluating International Work

Have you completed any academic work outside the United States? It will need to be evaluated by a transcript evaluation service.

All secondary education and college work (not U.S. accredited) done outside of the United States must be evaluated by an international credential evaluation agency at the applicant’s expense. This includes work that may have been evaluated by your U.S. accredited institution and is reported on the high school or university transcript.

DO NOT send your transcripts directly to us unless they are submitted by an accredited U.S. institution. We will discard any international transcripts that are not properly evaluated. CES schools (BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Pathway, Ensign College) will accept evaluations from International Education Research Foundation (IERF) and SpanTran.

Please note that even if you are applying to multiple CES institutions, only one evaluation is required.

For IERF users:

When applying for the evaluation online, be sure to select BYU-Undergraduate as the recipient, as IERF works with a number of BYU departments. This will ensure that your report reaches the correct office. Also, when selecting report type, you must select “detail report.” View this video for more instructions.

For SpanTran users:

Please use the form provided on their website ( to ensure we get the correct report (Course Analysis) for high school (secondary education) documents as well as college/university documents. This website will link to a webpage that will help identify the required documentation to submit.