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How to Apply?

Plan ahead! The application can take 4-6 weeks to complete. Note the application deadlines and application requirements.

Am I an International Applicant?

The application will give you an opportunity to say whether you are a U.S. citizen or a dual citizen with the United States, a Permanent Resident (process is complete with “green card”), or whether you are an International Applicant. BYU defines “international applicant” as one who is required to enter the United States with a visa. Applicants with a U.S. passport are not international. Please select the appropriate citizenship in the application.

When Should I Apply?

The application takes time. It can take up to 6 weeks to finish, not counting the time necessary to obtain required exams. Keep aware of the application deadlines. All required application materials, including evaluations of academic records, English proficiency exams, recommendations, etc. must be completed by the appropriate deadline.

* Due to the limited availability of ACT and SAT exam options during the COVID-19 global pandemic, most applicants are not required to submit a standardized test score to be considered for admission to BYU for spring 2021 through winter 2024. Applicants may choose to submit a test score if they feel it would strengthen their application. Applicants will be able to submit their application without an ACT or SAT test score by either the priority or final deadline. However, applicants will need to submit an official score by the date listed in the ACT/SAT deadline column if they would like it considered in their application evaluation.

How Do International Applicants Apply?

The application is found online at It is largely the same as the application for domestic applicants. You will choose from an applicant type, and complete the application based on your situation.

To apply, you must:

  • Be willing to live to the Honor Code
  • Submit ACT or SAT score (if required)
  • Submit English Proficiency Score (If required)
  • Submit full documentation of all required transcripts. Some U.S. applicants may have completed foreign high school or college work. This work will need evaluation by a third-party credential evaluation company. See Evaluating International Work for more details.
  • Pay $35 application fee

Note: Failure to disclose complete academic history or any falsification of information required for admission consideration may result in immediate suspension and loss of all credit earned at BYU.