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Homeschooled Applicants

As part of the application, homeschooled applicants will be required to submit any high school or university work completed through an institution accredited by a regional accrediting agency.

If you will not graduate from an accredited high school or complete secondary school through home schooling as required by your state, you may be required to submit a GED or state-recognized high school equivalency exam. If this is a requirement for you, it will be listed on your online admission application.

Any college work completed before you have met the state requirements for completing high school or before completing a GED or state recognized high school equivalency exam will be considered concurrent enrollment work and you will apply as a freshman applicant. If you have already completed your state requirements for high school completion or have taken a GED or state recognized high school equivalency exam and have completed college course work after that date, you may apply as a transfer applicant. If you have not completed sufficient accredited high school work or have not completed 24 graded college credits, you will be required to take an ACT or SAT exam.

For more information on policies regarding our homeschooled applicants and for scholarship information, call the Admissions Office at 801-422-4104 and ask to speak with one of our Enrollment Services Counselors.