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The following applicants would be considered freshmen:

  • Current high school students.
  • Those who only completed college credit while in high school (concurrent work/dual enrollment).
  • High school graduates with no college credit, regardless of the amount of time since high school graduation.
  • Homeschool students with no college credit taken after the date they have completed their home school requirements.
  • Applicants who are high school age but will not be completing high school.
  • Non-high school graduates who have not completed any graded college work.

Applicants that would not be considered freshmen:

  • High school graduates that have completed at least one graded college course after high school graduation.
  • Homeschooled applicants who have completed college credit after they have completed their home school requirements.
  • We do not admit students who will not be 17 by the time the semester they are seeking has begun.

Admission Application

  • Submit your application by the appropriate application deadline.
  • Please note that housing options are dependent upon what is available on any given room selection date.
  • Apply for the semester or term you wish to attend. Requests to change beginning semesters may not be accommodated.
  • The admission criteria are the same for all entry dates. One semester or term is not easier to get into over another.
  • If you are wanting to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, read more information about deferring here.
  • You need to submit a college transcript for any concurrent college credit received.
  • If you have completed any international college or university work, see Evaluating International Work for more information. BYU only accepts official US-accredited transcripts without an evaluation.
  • Because of the intellectual, social, and emotional maturity required of university students, BYU does not admit applicants who will be younger than 17 years of age by the first day of class.