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Beginning of Semester Checklist

School is coming up fast. Whether it is your first or last semester, this checklist will help you start the semester off without a hitch!
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Resolve Holds

There are a number of circumstances that might place a hold on your account and prevent you from registering or adding/dropping classes. Financial holds can be resolved on My Financial Center. Allow up to 30 minutes for your hold to be released after it is resolved so you can adjust your class schedule.

Check on Holds
More Info about Holds

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Adjust Your Schedule

You can adjust your class schedule online in MyMAP up through the add/drop deadline. To avoid tuition changes and holds on your account, we recommend adding a class before dropping one. Just make sure your schedule is how you want it by 11:59 p.m. MT on the add/drop deadline.

Some classes may require a permission-to-add code or you may be on a waitlist. Resolve holds so you do not get skipped on a waitlist.

More Info About Waitlists
More Info About Registration Policies

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Pay Tuition and Other Charges

Tuition is due seven calendar days before the first day of class. We recommend paying charges online in My Financial Center with an e-payment (e-check or credit card). Pay on time or you will get a hold placed on your account. If tuition is not paid by the add/drop deadline then your classes may be dropped.

My Financial Center
More Info about Tuition and Deadlines
More Info about BYU Short-Term Loans

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Apply for Financial Aid

You can apply for federal financial aid by filling out FAFSA. It can take 2-4 weeks for FAFSA to process and for you to complete tasks. Plan ahead!

The Financial Aid Checklist takes you through the process of applying for federal financial aid and can help you find answers to your financial aid questions without waiting in line or on the phone.

Complete FAFSA
Financial Aid Checklist

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Check Financial Aid Status on My Aid Dashboard

View the status of your FAFSA application, tasks, and awards on My Aid Dashboard through My Financial Center.

My Aid Dashboard

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Getting Your Scholarship Money

Getting your money from scholarships depends on the type of scholarship you received. Check the eligibility requirements for the type of scholarship you have so it can apply to your student account on time.

The average processing time for off-campus scholarship checks is 2-3 weeks. Plan ahead or have a back-up plan in case your check is not processed in time to pay tuition. If you pay all your charges and then your check is processed, you will receive a refund of excess money.

Ensure your Scholarship Funds
Policies & Expectations for Scholarships

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Buy Textbooks

My Book List is an online list of all the textbooks you will need for your current class schedule. You can also search the system to find out which books are required for any particular course.

You have the option of charging textbook purchases to your student account: just show your BYU ID at the textbook floor register at the time of purchase. The amount charged to your student account has to be repaid within 45 days of the purchase.

My Book List

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Waive or Pay for Student Health Plan

Required Action

Students enrolled 3/4 time or more (9 semester credits/4.5 term credits) are required to have health insurance coverage year-round. You are automatically enrolled in BYU’s Student Health Plan one week before classes start if private insurance has not been reported. You will have access to waive the plan about 1 month before classes start. This is a yearly process and the deadline to waive the BYU Student Health Plan is the semester add/drop deadline.

Waive Student Health Plan
More Info about Student Health Plans

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Update Your Housing Address

Remember to update your address if you are in a new housing situation. If you are living at home (not in BYU contracted housing) you are required to submit a non-compliance waiver. Waivers can be found on the Off-Campus Housing website.

Update Personal Information
Waiver for Non-Contracted Housing

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Use Cougar Cash

Cougar Cash is great way to pay for purchases or fees on campus using your BYU ID card.

The benefits of using Cougar Cash include no sales tax, printing on campus, and easy access to vending. However, Cougar Cash cannot be used to pay for tuition and fees. Fees include class fees, student loans, health center charges and insurance, and traffic and parking fees.

More Info about Cougar Cash

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Choose Transportation Options

BYU has several options for you to get around. If you choose to bring a car to campus, be sure to register and pay for your permit before the semester begins.

Register and Pay for Vehicle
More Info about Transportation Options