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Waitlists allow you to be placed in a queue for a class that is full.

Waitlist Registration & Expiration

A waitlist may be available for any class unless the department turns the waitlist off.

  • If a full class is offering a waitlist, a “WL” will appear next to the class in MyMAP.
  • You can add yourself to a waitlist by clicking on the “WL” and accepting the terms.
  • If you are not eligible to add a particular class based on class limitations (e.g. majors only) or registration holds, you will not see the waitlist option.
  • You cannot waitlist an envelope.
  • You can check your position or remove yourself from a waitlist at any time in MyMAP.

Waitlists expire the evening of the fourth calendar day of the semester or term, or when a department requires permission-to-add codes for a class.

Waitlist Terms

  • Once a seat becomes available—and you are first on the waitlist—you will be automatically added to the class.
  • If you no longer want the class, you must remove yourself from the waitlist (from the Register tab in MyMAP).
  • If you are registered for another section of the same class, it will be dropped if the waitlisted section is added.
    • This doesn’t happen with R-suffix classes.
  • You can only waitlist one section of the same class (except R-suffix classes).
  • Waitlisting does not guarantee that you will get a seat in the class.
  • You will be skipped in the waitlist if:
    • you have registration holds.
    • adding the class will cause you to go over the maximum credit hour limit (e.g. undergrad: 18.0 during fall/winter).
    • you do not meet other class limitations (e.g. majors only, etc.).
  • Waitlisted classes will be added even if there is a time conflict with another class in your schedule.
  • If the system adds you to a waitlisted class, you will be notified by email.

The only way to override the waitlist is to ask your instructor for a permission-to-add code. It is your instructor’s decision on whether to give you a code or not. There is no other way for faculty or staff to move students up on the waitlist.

Waitlist Information for Faculty

  • Faculty are able to see the waitlist for any section they can access via the class roll.
  • The waitlist queue will indicate a time stamp of when the student was added to the waitlist.
  • There is an option to send a message to selected students on the waitlist.
  • If the department adds more seats to the class, students on the waitlist will be added first.

If there is a long waitlist, the department may decide they would like to add another section of the class. If this happens, they would need to inform students of the newly created section.

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