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Returning Missionary Checklist

We want you to prepare to embark on your mission knowing that you can easily transition back to school. This checklist will help you know what to do next.

NOTE: Before going through this missionary checklist, review the COVID-19 Missionary FAQ for current recommendations.

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Modify Deferment Details

If you need to begin classes during a different semester, or if you are returning earlier than anticipated, you can return to the deferment form to change the semester you plan to attend and resubmit.

Change Deferment Info
More Info about Timing

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Renew your Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Required Action

You must receive a new ecclesiastical endorsement as you return from you mission. If you are currently serving, your mission president will complete the endorsement. If you are home, your bishop and a member of the stake presidency will complete it.

The earliest you can submit an endorsement is nine months before you return to BYU. The university must receive your endorsement before you can register.

Ecclesiastical Endorsement

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Enroll in Duo Two-Step Verification

Required Action

You may have enrolled in Duo Two-Step Verification before you left on your mission. However, Duo Verification was removed from your account so you could access important information while away. You will need to set up Duo Two-Step Verification again as you prepare to return to school. Enrolling in Duo will help keep your online account safe.

Enroll in Duo

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Apply for Scholarships

You should complete the online scholarship application by the appropriate deadline to be considered for BYU scholarships.

If you deferred your enrollment and left for missionary service before attending BYU, you should apply by the New Freshman deadline. If you attended BYU before your missionary service, you should apply by the Continuing Student deadline.

Scholarship Application
Scholarship Application Deadlines

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Register for Classes

Required Action

MyMAP is the registration system to help you plan, organize, and register for classes. You are assigned a priority registration date, when you can begin to register for classes. You can find out your priority registration date on MyMAP.

Register on MyMAP

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Language Challenge Exam

If you served a foreign-speaking mission, you may want to take a language challenge exam. These exams can give you up to 16 credits and may fulfill some university requirements.

Many language departments require registration in a specific course in order to take their challenge exam. Contact the appropriate department before requesting to challenge language credit

More Info about Challenge Exams

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Find Housing

Required Action

Finding a place to live near campus is important. You are encouraged to live on campus for your first year. Some on-campus housing options require you to have a meal plan. Meal plans may make it easier for you by saving time and/or money.

To accommodate returning missionaries, there are communities for students who are 19 or older. There are also many contracted apartments close to campus.

On-Campus Housing Off-Campus Housing Meal Plans

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Update Your Personal Information

When you return from your mission, update your mailing address and email in your personal information. BYU will use the information listed there to contact you.

Review your Personal Information

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Pay for School

Required Action

Tuition is due seven calendar days before the first day of class. Pay on time or you will get a hold placed on your account and your classes may be dropped.

If you want to apply for Federal financial aid (loans and grants) you need to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Financial Aid Checklist

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If your missionary service was outside of the United States or Canada for six months or more, Utah state law requires you to have a tuberculosis skin test. If you don’t comply by the first day of classes, a TB hold will be placed on your record. If you’re an international student, your student visa status may be terminated. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment with the Student Health Center, please call 801-422-5134 or 801-422-7711.

Obtain a TB Test

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Enroll in or Waive Student Health Plan

Required Action

Students enrolled 3/4 time or more (9 semester credits/4.5 term credits) are required to have health insurance coverage year-round. You are automatically enrolled in BYU’s Student Health Plan one week before classes start if you have not reported private insurance. You have access to waive the plan about 1 month before classes start. This is a yearly process and the deadline to waive the BYU Student Health Plan is the semester add/drop deadline.

Student Health Plan