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Challenge Exams

You can complete some University requirements by taking an Exemption or Challenge Exam. Challenge Exams carry credit and a grade while Exemption Exams only fill a requirement.


You may request to earn credit through a challenge examination if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are currently enrolled OR have completed a BYU course other than through Independent Study
  • You are not currently suspended from BYU.
  • You have not graduated.
    • If you are a graduate student, you may challenge credit specific to your graduate program.

Please note: Although you may request to challenge courses for credit, individual departments determine whether or not an examination exists and/or will be offered.

Request an Exam

View Exam Status

Language Exams

Many language departments require registration in a specific course in order to take their challenge exam. Please contact the appropriate department before requesting to challenge language credit.

If you have never been a BYU student, or if you would like to test for a less commonly taught language, please contact the FLATS department.

General Process for Requesting a Challenge Exam

Part 1 – Before the Exam

  1. Click on the “request an exam” button above
  2. Click on “Request Challenge Exam”
  3. Select Teaching Area from drop-down list
  4. Select Course(s) from drop-down list
  5. Check box agreeing to the examination fee (student will only have to pay the $20 fee if exam is approved)
  6. Submit Request
  7. Check YMessage (message will be sent when the exam is approved/denied)
    *OR check under “Exam Status” tab
  8. If/When approved, pay the $20 fee (charged to student account-My Financial Center)
  9. Contact specific department and/or testing center for instructions on how, when, and where to take exam.

Part 2 – After the Exam

  1. Check YMessage (notification will be sent when exam has been graded)
  2. Click on link in YMessage (brings student to to see the grade of his/her exam)
  3. Under Transcript Action column select “Post to Transcript” or “Discard Grade”
  4. Grade will appear on transcript within 24 hours (ONLY if a student already has BYU credit on transcript)

You must accept challenge exam credit within one year of the date the exam is graded.


For information about the dean/department chair procedure for challenge exams, see Challenge Exams for Departments.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 801-422-2631 or send us a YMessage.