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Verification Deadlines

The deadline to have your documents processed changes based on your enrollment and the time of year.

Deadlines for Processing

Documentation must be processed by 120 days from your last day of attendance in the school year (fall through summer), or September 1, whichever comes first. Submit your documents via YMessage or in person as soon as possible as processing can take 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year.

If you are selected for verification after initial awarding, verification still must be completed. Aid is adjusted based on the outcome of verification. Failure to complete the verification process by the deadline will result in the reversal of any awarded Pell Grant.

Example: You submit a FAFSA in late November and end up not attending winter semester or spring/summer term. You have 120 days from the end of fall semester to submit documentation and be awarded a Pell Grant for fall semester.

Example: You submit a FAFSA on the June 30th deadline for the year and are awarded a Pell Grant. The financial aid office notices a discrepancy a few weeks later and selects your file for verification. You have until September 1 to submit and successfully process documentation or the Pell Grant will be taken away.

What is a verification document?

Verification documents include, but are not limited to:

  • the electronic verification form,
  • any tax returns (transcripts or forms),
  • W-2s and signed statements, and
  • any clarification of verification form or tax information requested through YMessage/by an employee.

The majority of verification documentation is requested through a task on My Financial Center/MyAid Dashboard.