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Non-filing Form (4506-T)

An official confirmation of non-filing can be obtained through the IRS.

If you, your spouse, or parents indicated on the electronic verification form that taxes were not filed, you will be asked to provide a non-filing letter from the IRS. You may use the button above to access the 4506-T form. Then, follow the instructions listed below to complete the form and request the non-filing letter from the IRS.

4506-T Instructions

  1. Fill out lines 1-4, if applicable.
  2. List your BYU ID number on line 5.
  3. Check box 7 (for Verification of Non-filing).
  4. On line 9 enter 12/31/__ for the tax year you are requesting.

    • Example: enter 12/31/2018 if requesting letter for the 2018 tax year
  5. Sign the document.
  6. Mail to the appropriate address on page 2 (Chart for all other transcripts).
  7. Once you receive the letter (usually in 2 weeks), send to Enrollment Services through YMessage or in person at D-155 ASB.