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Spring/Summer Scholarships

There are separate awards for spring/summer terms available to students.

Spring/summer scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid Office may be:

  • Claimed with less than full-time enrollments, even down to half a credit.
  • Applied toward tuition charges for spring, summer, and/or spring-through-summer-length courses.

These awards will:

  • Appear in My Financial Center as one lump sum on spring term but can be used across both spring and summer terms.
  • Adjust to cover either half or full tuition charges, depending on the scholarship awarded (i.e. a half-tuition scholarship will pay for half the tuition charges). Any remaining funds due to half-time enrollment in the Spring term can be applied towards Summer term tuition.

A few other details:

  • Spring/summer scholarships may not be deferred.
  • Scholarship amounts are based on Latter-day Saint tuition rates.
  • Only undergraduate students are eligible for these spring-summer scholarships.
  • The waiving of the customary full-time enrollment requirement for spring-summer scholarships only applies to awards made by the Financial Aid Office. If you receive a scholarship from another campus unit, check with that office to understand the rules.