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Register for Classes

Learn how to register for classes and how to clear up any roadblocks you may run into during the process.
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Renew your Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Required Action

You must have a current endorsement for the semester that you going to register for. For continuing students registering for the upcoming fall semester that means renewing your endorsement by April 15 each year.

Renew Ecclesiastical Endorsement

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Resolve Holds

Required Action

Check the Student Summary tab on MyMAP to see if you have any holds that would prevent you from registering. If a Yes appears in the holds box, click on the yes for information about resolving the hold. Allow up to 30 minutes for your hold to be released so you can register for classes.

Check on Holds
More Info about Resolving Holds

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Determine Your Registration Date

You are assigned a registration priority date based on the number of credits you have completed through your most recent semester. Find your priority registration date on the Register tab of MyMAP. Registration begins at 12:00 a.m. of your assigned date.

Priority Registration Date
More Info about When to Register

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Plan Your Schedule

Select courses and plan when you are going to take them using the Plan tab in MyMAP. The University core requirements and your major’s requirements will be listed on the Plan tab. Use a Major Academic Plan (MAP) for your major to learn suggestions of what sequence to take classes.

Plan Courses on MyMAP
More Info about MAPs

More Info about Academic Advisement

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Use the Registration Cart

Registration Cart is an optional tool in MyMAP that will register for your classes automatically so you do not have to stay up past midnight to get the classes you need. Learn about Registration Cart to make sure your cart processes automatically.

Add Classes to Registration Cart
More Info about Registration Cart

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Required Action

When your priority registration date arrives you can register for classes. You can use the Registration Cart tool and verify that it automatically added the classes you wanted. Or you can manually register for classes on the Register tab of MyMAP. If the classes you want are already full you can waitlist a class. Some classes may require a permission-to-add code in order to register.

Register for Classes on MyMAP

More Info about How to Register

More Info about Permission-to-Add Codes

More Info about Waitlists

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Add and Drop Classes

You can add and drop classes on MyMAP until the Add/Drop Deadline of the semester/term. Be aware that changing credit hours by adjusting your classes can affect charges, tuition, financial aid, and scholarship payments after the first tuition deadline.

View Dates and Deadlines

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Pay Tuition

Required Action

Tuition is due seven days before the first day of class. If you do not pay tuition by this date, a hold will be placed on your account. You will not be able to register for classes until you pay tuition in full. The final tuition deadline is the same day as the Add/Drop Deadline.

Pay Tuition
Tuition Deadlines