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Registration Cart

Get a jump on priority registration with this optional MyMAP feature.

How Does it Work?

The Registration cart becomes available when the class schedule is posted for a semester or term.

  1. Go into MyMAP and click "Add Course" to search for classes.
  2. Select classes and add them to your cart.
  3. In the cart, drag and drop to put classes in order of priority.
  4. If you need to edit your cart, do it! Just remember to do so by 6pm MST the day before your priority registration date.
  5. Starting the night before, the registration cart will run and attempt to add all the classes in your cart.
  6. Manual registration (without the cart) opens at midnight MT on your priority registration date.

Keep in mind that using the cart does not reserve seats or guarantee you will get the classes you save. Be prepared to register manually at midnight if the cart is unable to add what you want.

Tips to Remember

  • Carts are processed randomly before midnight MT of your priority date.
  • At midnight on your priority registration date, normal registration begins.
  • You will receive an email with the results of the cart processing.
  • Remember that failed adds may be due to normal registration rules, not a problem with the cart processing. Registrar’s Office employees can help troubleshoot if needed.

Registration Cart Rules

As a general rule, you will not be able to add classes to your cart if anything would prevent you from being able to register for them normally. This means that if you have registration holds, are missing an endorsement or eligibility for that semester, don't have the correct major or department approval for a specific class, the class requires a permission code, etc., then you cannot add classes (or certain classes) to your cart.

There are three exceptions to this rule. The system will still allow you to add classes to your cart even if:

  • You have not completed/are not enrolled in pre-requisites for that class
    • If the pre-requesitie class is not completed when the cart processes, you will not be registered
  • The class is full (in which case the cart can add you to the waitlist)
  • Your priority registration date has not been assigned


  • After 6:00 p.m. MT the day before your priority registration day, you can no longer save classes to your cart.

  • When the cart processes the night before your priority registration date, you will not be registered for a class if you do not meet the registration rules (e.g. prerequisite requirements or limitations).

  • The classes in your cart are processed in the order they appear, from top to bottom. Once classes are in your cart you can drag and drop to place them in the priority order you want.

  • You will be placed on the waitlist for all classes that are full at the time your cart is processed. You cannot waitlist envelopes. After your cart is processed, check which classes were added to a waitlist and make sure to remove yourself from any that you don’t want.

  • The classes in your cart will not be added if you have registration holds. Any unresolved holds will prevent classes from being added, even if the hold was placed after adding classes to your cart.

  • You can save up to 30 hours in your cart. However, ou will not be registered for more than your max credit hour limit (undergraduate – 18 per semester/9 per term; graduate – 22 per semester/11 per term).

  • You cannot save more than one section of a class to your cart. Cross-listed classes will replace each other as well (e.g. Bio 446 and PWS 446). Exceptions are:

    • Lecture and lab courses (e.g. PDBio 220). You can save a lecture and a lab.
    • R-suffix courses (e.g. MUSIC 160R)
  • The cart will not stop you from adding classes with conflicting times. You can use the “weekly schedule” tool on the cart page to ensure that none of the classes you add to your cart conflict.

  • Classes that require a permission-to-add code can not be added to your cart.

  • There is no way to audit a class through the cart. To audit a class, you will need to get a permission-to-audit code from the professor on the first day of class.

  • If the department makes a change to the time, date, location, etc. of a class after you add it to your cart, the cart may not reflect those changes immediately. However, when the cart processes, the most current version of the class will be added, and you will see the updated class details reflected on your schedule.