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Dropping Classes

Sometimes life happens, and you need to drop a class or even all of them. Rest assured, you have options, and keep in mind these important deadlines.

Dropping Classes Before the Add/Drop Deadline

If you wish to drop a class, please visit MyMAP and do so before the add/drop deadline to prevent any charges.

Dropping ALL Classes

If you do not take classes for credit for one semester, you will be taking a leave of absence. You cannot take a leave of absence the first semester you’re admitted.

Note: If you drop all of your classes once the semester or term has begun, a withdraw date will be recorded on your transcript.

Withdraw from All Classes

Dropping Classes After the Add/Drop Deadline

  • You may choose to withdraw from a class after the add/drop deadline, which will result in a "W" grade.
  • You have the flexibility to make a withdrawal decision until the 10th week of a semester or the 6th week of a term.
  • The "W" grade assigned to your transcript is considered neutral and doesn't affect your GPA.
  • Please be aware that withdrawing may have implications for your scholarship, financial aid, tuition, housing, or employment if your credit hours fall below a certain threshold.

Have scholarships or financial aid?

If you choose to withdraw from some or all classes, it could affect your aid. Check out the financial aid withdrawal and full withdrawal policies.

After the Withdraw Deadline

If a non-academic extenuating circumstance arises after the Withdraw deadline, you may petition to be withdrawn. If the petition is denied, you will receive the grade you have earned in the class.

Incomplete Contracts

If you do not want to withdraw, but would like to finish the class, you may request an Incomplete Contract if you have attended and are passing the class at the time of the withdrawal deadline.

Withdrawing ALL Classes

Go to the Semester/Term Withdrawal website to learn how to withdraw from all of your classes. If you do not finish classes for one semester, you will be taking a leave of absence.

Academic Dishonesty

The university reserves the right to assign a failing grade for academic dishonesty reasons even if you are able to withdraw yourself from the class before the failing grade has been assigned.