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AIM Access

AIM access is granted to employees
based on their job roles.

Student information access is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and should be limited to those with a need-to-know. University employees requiring access to student records for job responsibilities can request access to AIM.

Employees may initiate and follow a request, complete FERPA Training, and submit a FERPA Compliance Agreement at

Information Partners may initiate a request, add notes to a request, cancel a request, view the status of pending requests, and approve requests by accessing their Tools found at

Request AIM Access

Request AIM Access
Expire AIM Access
Special Circumstances
Information Partners

The following steps must be completed before access will be granted:

  1. Submit an AIM Access Request – may be done by the employee, a supervisor, or an information partner.
    1. Complete the following fields:
      1. Employee
        • Enter Net ID, then tab to autofill name
        • Include an email address where employee will receive instructions for completing the request and a preferred phone number where employee may be contacted
        • Check Job Title and Department: if a student has more than one job, the most recent will autofill.  Please make corrections when needed
      2. Contact Person
        • Provide the name of a supervisor or fellow employee who can answer questions about the request
        • Enter the Net ID, then tab to autofill all fields
      3. Information Partner
        • Find a match for the correct college or department from the drop-down menu
        • Information Partners must approve all requests before processing
      4.  Access Requirements
        • Choose the access needed:
        • Add employee access: gives an employee new or additional access
        • Replace an existing employee: gives access to a new employee and expires access for the employee being replaced
        • Copy the access of an existing employee: gives identical access to employees working in the same or similar positions
        • Expire employee access: removes all or partial access for an employee
  2. Complete a FERPA Training
    1. Choose between FERPA Training for either Faculty or Employees (non-faculty)
    2. Watch the online FERPA Training videos (introduction followed by additional training) and answer related questions
    3. You may skip this step if FERPA training has been completed within the past two years
  3. Sign the FERPA Compliance Agreement
    1. Upon completion of FERPA training, employee is directed to the FERPA Compliance Agreement
    2. Employee may also receive a reminder email with a link to the Agreement
    3. The FERPA Compliance Agreement can also be found at
    4. Employee reads the Agreement, checks the electronic signature box signifying agreement, and then clicks SUBMIT

AIM Access requests that have not been completed by the employee within one month will be canceled.

To expire access, choose one of the following options on the AIM Access Request form:

  1. Replace an existing employee who has the same access – Use this option to request access for a new employee and expire access for the employee being replaced on the same request form.
  2. Expire employee access – Use this option to expire all or partial access for an employee. Please specify which access to expire if not expiring all access.

CRS1 (Course Detail)
For training on class scheduling contact:

Department/Class Schedulers
For training on class scheduling contact:

Graduate Access
For access to Graduate screens:

Scholarship Access
For access and training on scholarship awards, contact:

List of Information Partners

Each College, Department, or Organization utilizing AIM designates Information Partners. These partners play a crucial role in ensuring employees have the necessary access to perform their jobs efficiently, without granting excess permissions.

The role of Information Partner includes:

  • Acting as a liaison with the Registrar’s Office to determine the appropriate AIM access for employees in their areas of responsibility.
  • Reviewing and approving AIM access requests before they are sent to the Registrar’s Office, where access is granted.
  • Working with supervisors to make sure that access for terminated employees is expired in a timely manner.
  • Reviewing and updating the AIM Access Master List sent by the Registrar’s Office each semester.

Information Partners may request these reports any time from the AIM Access Administrator:

AIM Access Master List

  • All employees with AIM Access in each Info Partner’s area
    • Lists Info Areas and Quick URL pages
  • Individual Employee AIM Access
    • Descriptions of a single employee’s access with Info Areas and Quick URL pages



Aim Access Administrator

Laura Hinton
B150 ASB