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Challenge Exams for Departments

How to use the challenge exam system.

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Administrators – Deans, Department Chairs and Delegates

Deans and Department Chairs have access to all administrative parts of the challenge exam process. They can also assign a delegate to act in their behalf to approve or deny exam requests and approve or change exam grades.

Part 1 – Before the Exam

  1. You will receive an email when a student has requested an exam
  2. Click on the link in email
  3. Under Approve/Deny column, check the appropriate box (adding comments is optional)
  4. Submit

Part 2 – After the Exam

  1. Receive email when an exam has been graded and needs approval
  2. Click on the link in email
  3. Either approve or change the grade
  4. Submit

Assigning Delegates and/or Examiners

  1. Go to the challenge exam app
  2. Select either Manage Delegates tab or Manage Examiners tab
  3. Enter first/last name OR NetID
  4. Search
  5. Add

*Delegates CANNOT assign other delegates, but CAN assign examiners


Examiners are determined and individually assigned by a dean, department chair or delegate.

Part 1 – Before the Exam

  1. Receive an email notifying you you have been assigned as an examiner
  2. Wait to be contacted by a student once the student has received approval to take an exam
  3. Administer approved exam(s)

Part 2 – After the Exam

  1. Go to the challenge exam app and enter the correct grade under “Exam Grades” tab
  2. Submit grades to be approved by an administrator before being sent to the student for acceptance