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Incomplete Contracts

Incomplete contracts allow you complete coursework for a non-academic emergency after the full withdraw deadline.

How Can I Receive an Incomplete Contract?

To be eligible for an incomplete contract, you must:

  • Have a non-academic situation that prevents you from finishing the class on time.
  • Have been passing and attending class through the full withdraw deadline.
  • Be able to finish the coursework with your instructor.
  • Not re-register or “sit in” the class to finish the coursework (unless special circumstances require attendance in a portion of a class or lab).


  1. Get permission from your instructor to do an Incomplete Contract.
  2. Click the button above to access the Incomplete Contract website.
  3. Request a new contract between the full withdraw deadline and 30 days after the grade submission deadline for the semester/term.
  4. Accept the terms and deadline designated by the instructor (if instructor approves your request).
  5. Complete the contract terms by the deadline determined by your instructor (not to exceed one year). If you don’t complete your contract by the deadline, you receive a failing grade (IE).
  6. Make sure your instructor submits your grade online once you have completed your work.

Request an Incomplete Contract

To accept or deny an Incomplete Contract:

    1. Once you receive notification that a student has requested an Incomplete Contract, login to system and review request.
      1. You will be asked to confirm the student is eligible for a contract. If you have questions regarding a student's eligibility, email
    2. Approve or deny request.
    3. If you approve the request, set the terms of the contract. These include:
      1. Class requirements
      2. Deadline to complete work

      NOTE: The student has the option to renegotiate the terms once.

    4. When the work is complete, enter the student’s grade in the Incomplete Contract system.

    To extend a contract deadline:

    1. Login to system.
    2. Select the appropriate contract.
    3. Click the “Extend Deadline” button
    4. Choose a new date not to exceed one year from the grade submission deadlines.

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