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Incomplete Contracts

Incomplete contracts let you finish course work for a non-academic emergency after the discontinuance deadline.

How Can I Receive an Incomplete Contract?

To receive an incomplete grade, you must meet the following qualifications: 

  •  You have a non-academic situation that prevents you from finishing the class on time. 
  • You must be passing the class. 
  • You must have been attending class through the discontinuance deadline. 
  • You must be able to finish the coursework with your instructor. 
  • You cannot re-register or “sit in” the class to finish the coursework (unless special circumstances require attendance in a portion of a class or lab). 

Student Instructions

  1. Obtain permission from your instructor to do an incomplete contract. 
  2. Pick up the incomplete contract at the Registrar’s Office (B-150 ASB). 
  3. Take the form to your instructor right away and fill out the contract. (The contract is not valid until an instructor has signed it.) 
    • You keep the pink copy of the contract form. 
    • The instructor keeps the white copy. 
    • You or the instructor bring the yellow copy to the Registrar’s Office. An ‘I’ grade is posted to your record after the contract is received. 
  4. Complete the contract terms by the deadline determined by your instructor (not to exceed one year). 
  5. Your instructor will complete the form and submit the white copy to the Registrar’s Office with the final grade and signature. 
  6. If you don’t complete your contract, you receive a failing grade (IE).