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You can see your grades on your Record Summary or Progress Report.
Grade Changes
Repeating Classes
Grade Values

You can see your GPA on your Record Summary or in MyMAP.

BYU GPA – Calculated from coursework completed at BYU.
Total GPA – Calculated from coursework completed at BYU plus transfer work accepted by BYU.

How to Calculate GPA

The online GPA calculator pulls in your current grades.

There is also a GPA calculator in the BYU mobile app for iTunes or Android or you calculate it manually using the catalog.

Grades can change for these reasons:

  • There has been a calculation error in computing the grade.
  • The wrong grade was posted to the grade roll.
  • To change a “T” grade (work in progress).
  • To post a grade if no grade was submitted (NS).
  • To reassess a grade that had no work completed after the deadline.

You should contact your instructor if an incorrect grade was posted. Your instructor(s) will not change a previous grade to a “W” (Official Withdrawal) for any reason. If you had a nonacademic emergency, you should file a petition for withdrawal. You may also work with your instructor on an Incomplete contract to finish your work beyond the semester or term.

You can repeat any class if it or a similar class still exists.

  • For classes repeated beginning Fall Semester 2011: Your grades from all of your enrollments of a class count toward your grade point average (GPA) and total credit hours.
  • For classes repeated prior to Fall Semester 2011: Your grade from the most recent enrollment of a class (except for R-suffix courses) counts toward your grade point average (GPA) and total credit hours.

Students often want to know how classes are evaluated and GPA’s are calculated. To see this, please visit the university catalog.

There is not an official university grading scale (e.g. 92-100 A, 89-91 A-, etc.). Individual departments may have a specified scale that instructors use.

If a student drops from a class by the add/drop deadline, the permanent record will not show any registration for that class.

BYU also keeps a record of whether or not grades are earned and graded. Earned credits count toward graduation and graded credits are calculated into your GPA.

Grades Earned Graded Effect on GPA
A, B, C, D Yes Yes Calculated in GPA
E, WE, UW, IE No Yes Calculated as a failing grade
P Yes No No effect on GPA
W, I, T, NS No No No effect on GPA

For detailed information about what each grade means, see the catalog.

Numerical Grade Values (Law School)
1987-1994 Fall 1994-Present Description
80-90 3.7-4.0 Superior
75-79 3.3-3.6 Excellent
71-74 3.0-3.2 High Pass
66-70 2.7-2.9 Pass
59-65 2.2-2.6 Low Pass
50-58 1.6-2.1 Failure

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