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Update Your Personal Information

Some records changes can be made online. Others require you to submit a request with documentation.

Changes You Can Make Yourself

You can update the following items online:

Changes You Have to Request

The Registrar’s Office processes the following biographical record changes. Submit a request through YMessage, mail, or fax, along with the appropriate documentation listed below.

  • Student Status/Academic Record Employment Status Required Documentation
    Student Student Employee Social Security Card
    Previous Student Employee (terminated in current or previous calendar year) Social Security Card
    Previous Student Employee (haven't been employed by BYU for 2+ years) Any of the following:
    Non-employee Driver's license
    Social Security Card
    Non-student Full-time or other non-student employee Please contact the Benefits Office
    No Academic Record Non-employee None required
  • Religion Status Change What to Do
    Changing your religion status to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Submit one of the following to the Registrar's Office:
    A copy of your baptismal certificate
    A letter from your bishop
    A membership record with your baptism date
    Changing your religion status from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to another religion Contact the Honor Code Office with questions
    Changing your religion status from a non-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints religion to another religion Change it online (link above)
  • Change Type Required Documentation
    Birthdate Signed Written Consent
    Citizenship Current Students: Contact the International Student Services Office (2-2695)
    Alumni: Signed written request with birth certificate, passport, certificate of citizenship, or naturalization form
    Dependent (adding or removing) Adding: Signed written consent and Individual's full name (maiden name if applicable), Date of Birth, Gender, SSN for US Citizens or BYU identifiers if they have a BYU account already
    Removing: Individual's full name
    Marital Status Done online
    Name See table above
    Religion See table above
    Social Security Number Signed Social Security Card

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